Places to Fish In Indiana

Places to fish in indiana
Places to fish in indiana

Welcome to Indiana Open Country, and to let you know, there are plenty of places to fish in Indiana. With over 40 rivers, 13 creeks, 33 lakes and reservoirs and thousands of private ponds, there is more than enough places to fish in Indiana.

Whether you are looking for trout, bass, panfish, catfish, perch or any other types of fish species in Indiana, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Inside this post we are going to share with you many places to fish in Indiana in all different types of waters. From lakes and rivers to ponds we have got you covered.

Starting with Rivers. River fishing can bring you an abundance of different fish in Indiana; honestly there are no fish in the state that can not be caught in the rivers.

Here is a list of all the rivers that you can fish in Indiana. Remember, all rivers are DNR managed and you must have an Indiana State Fishing License
to fish them. ** CAUTION** due to old laws in the state of Indiana, some banks and under beds of the rivers in Indiana are owned by individuals and if you are fishing there it can be seen as trespassing.

Indiana Rivers:

• Anderson River
• Big Blue River
• Big Pine Creek
• Black River (Owensville – New Harmony)
• Blue River
• Cedar Creek
• Deep River
• Driftwood River
• East Arm Little Calumet River
• East Fork White River
• Eel River (Wabash River) (northern Indiana)
• Eel River (White River) (southern Indiana)
• Elkhart River
• Fall Creek
• Fawn River
• Flatrock Creek
• Flatrock River
• Fourteen Mile Creek
• Galena River
• Grand Calumet River
• Great Miami River
• Greenville Creek
• Iroquois River
• Kankakee River
• Little Blue River (Perry and Crawford counties)
• Little Blue River (Shelby, Rush and Henry counties)
• Little Calumet River
• Little Elkhart River
• Little Flatrock River
• Little Kankakee River
• Little Pigeon Creek
• Little River, also called Little Wabash River
• Little Vermilion River
• Lost River
• Maumee River
• Mississinewa River
• Muscatatuck River
• Ohio River
• Patoka River
• Pigeon Creek, also called Pigeon River
• Pigeon River, also called Pigeon Creek, Turkey Creek
• Redinger Ditch
• St. Joseph River (Lake Michigan)
• St. Joseph River (Maumee River)
• St. Marys River
• Salamonie River
• Salt Creek
• Sand River
• Silver Creek
• Sugar Creek (Driftwood River)
• Sugar Creek (Western Indiana), also called Sugar Creek, Rock River
• Tippecanoe River
• Trail Creek
• Vermilion River
• Vernon Fork Muscatatuck River
• Wabash River
• White Lick Creek
• White River
• Whitewater River
• Wildcat Creek
• Yellow River

State Parks and Reservoirs:

Brookville Lake
Brown County State Park

• Cagles Mill Lake (Lieber SRA)
Cecil M Harden Lake (Raccoon SRA
• Chain O’ Lakes
• Charlestown
Clifty Falls State Park
• Falls of the Ohio
• Fort Harrison
• Hardy Lake
• Harmonie
• Indiana Dunes
J. E. Roush Lake
• Lincoln
• McCormick’s Creek
• Mississinewa Lake
• Monroe Lake
• Mounds (Anderson)
• O’Bannon Woods
• Ouabache
Patoka Lake

• Pokagon
• Potato Creek
Prairie Creek Reservoir
• Prophetstown
• Redbird State Recreation Area
Salamonie Reservoir

• Shades
• Shakamak
• Spring Mill
Summit Lake

• Tippecanoe River
• Turkey Run
• Versailles
• Whitewater Memorial

Pay Lakes:

This list is still being populated by IndianaOpenCountry.Com to bring you the most relevant Paylakes in Indiana. Paylakes in Indiana change on a yearly basis so gathering the list has brought about a few problems…..sorry. We are diligently working on it for you!

Ponds: There are a handful of public ponds that we are looking to add to our list. The only thing that is slowing down is making sure that we bring the proper information about the who what and where about these ponds. Some are controlled by the DNR, some are not, some require permits and some do not.

When you are searching for places to fish in Indiana and you come across a new place. Feel free to email Jeff@IndianaOpenCountry.Com to let him know so that he can add it to the list.

It is our goal here at Www.IndianaOpenCounty.Com to provide our readers with the most up to date and cutting edge information on places to fish in Indiana. As you are reading and our links are not completely finished we apologize, we are working day and night to bring you the information that you deserve

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