Indiana Bluegill Fishing- 6 Tips on Catching Indiana’s Premier Pan Fish

Indiana Bluegill FishingIndiana bluegill fishing is in my opinion the heart of Indiana fishing. Men and women, and kids of all ages flock to the lakes, rivers and reservoirs every single year to have that great day of bluegill fishing.

I wanted to share a few strategies with you that myself and the kids use every single summer to catch more than our fair share of our favorite fish.

1. Use light Fishing Gear- Using a lighter fishing setup will definitely make the day a ton more fun. Indiana bluegill put up a pretty good fight, especially on a lightweight rod and reel.

2. Use small hooks. Nothing can be more frustrating when fishing for bluegill than getting your bait stolen all day long because your hook is too big to fit in their little mouths. My recommendation is a size #6 to size #10.

3. Use light line. Bluegills are often found in shallow clear water, especially in their spawning season. Using a thinner line the bluegill will be less likely to see it and more likely to bite your bait.

4. Wax Worms- A.K.A “Bee Moth”. This is my #1 bait for tearing up the bluegill. Regardless of what time of year you are fishing for bluegill, a wax worm will get the job done.

5. Spawning Season. When Indiana water temperatures hit around 70 degrees the bluegill will go into the shallows and start to lay their eggs. This is the most productive time of the year to catch them. (Be careful not to spook them) Be on the lookout for small mounds or round dips in the water, as these are their “beds”

6. Small Jigs. I don’t spend a ton of time personally jigging for the blue’s, as it is not as kid proof as live baits, but bluegill are extremely versatile and will chase a small jig as an afternoon snack.

Those six tips should really get you going on your adventure Indiana Bluegill Fishing. Remember to keep the kids away from ledges and enjoy your trip.

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